Furls Fiberarts

Furls Crochet Hook, Odyssey Nickel Plated Tip for Effortless Glide, Crochet Hooks, Silver Ergonomic Handle G - 4.0mm

Furls crochet hooks are renowned the world over for comfort and style. Some even call them the Rolls Royce of crochet hooks!. This Odyssey crochet hook has been designed primarily with comfort in mind. It fits perfectly in the hand and provides the ideal grip in all situations. The hook is manufactured with more weight at the front meaning more forward-driven momentum whilst crocheting and easier movement. It also has super smooth electroplated tips for faster stitches with any fibre type. Many people with Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel report being able to Crochet with less pain when using a Furls crochet hook

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