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Doll Crochet Patterns Book, Edward's Crochet Doll Emporium: Flip the Pages to Make Over a Million Mix-and-Match Dolls

Mix, match, and crochetmore than a million different dolls! Design the dolls of your dreams with this amazing book of crochet patterns. The flippable pages and mix-and-match format make it easy to build a character with the exact hairstyle, outfit, and accessories you want. Put them together in a million different ways to create a countless number of dolls, from one that looks like a family member or friend to another that resembles your favorite pop star. Or make a single perfect doll with an extraordinary wardrobe: the options include princesses, ballerinas, soccer players, astronauts, surgeons, and more. Step-by-step instructions help even beginners grasp all the crochet techniques, and a 30-page gallery presents a selection of finished dolls to inspire you. For more amigurumi books use this link:

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