Crafts By KFRod

From Thread and Wire: 60 Jewelry Projects Using Knitting and Crocheting Hardcover

Every one of these 60 astoundingly beautiful jewelry projects, ranging from bracelets to necklaces, uses a surprising technique: crocheting or knitting! The projects include small gifts which can be made in no time, as well as delicate "webs" which require more patience and time. Using varied materials, including stone, pearls, wood, sheet silver, plastic, and more, these step-by-step instructions showcase the variety that's possible in your jewelry making. First the tools, materials, and techniques are introduced, including the basic crocheting and knitting stitches. Next are step-by-step instructions for projects made from thread and other non-metallic strands. Then, move on to creating pieces from pure lacquered copper wire. For those who prefer more expensive jewelry, projects made from solid silver wire wrap up the book. Whether made of thread or silver, these projects require only a limited amount of equipment, all very affordable. Each project is coded as to difficulty level.

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