Furls Fiberarts

FURLS Streamline Camwood Crochet Hook 7"


Description: Product Specification: 7 inches length- Furls Streamline Camwood Crochet Hook. Brand: Furls Crochet Package Size: length:7 inches Package Include: 7 inch FURLS Streamline Camwood Crochet Hook. Luxury and Ergonomic Furls Crochet Hook. Product Features / Uses: Streamline Ergonomic Camwood Hooks feature the signature Furls teardrop body shape, a pointy tip for easier crocheting and are designed to nestle into the MCP joint of the human hand while distributing hand tension through the body of the hook. Each hooks size is engraved into the side, making identification a breeze. Furls Streamline Camwood Crochet Hook are 7" in length. Furls Crochet, a premier provider of luxury fiber arts tools, including crochet hooks, available in different sizes, options, and color choices. Excellent quality materials and craftsmanship, the Smooth Design fits your hand Perfectly. Caution: "Please keep away from Children"

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