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Top Quality Wooden Blocking Board for Crocheting with 20 Stainless Steel Pins

$45 $65

The perfect blocking board for both crocheting and knitting. We've created a Blocking Board that is unlike the usual foam blocking mats you've seen. This wooden board is constructed from top quality wood. Our wood board can be used and reused for hundreds of projects. You'll have 841 grids available to you, with 12" x 12" inches of space to create within. Think of the possibilities! We've included 20 stainless steel grid pins with your board. You'll find that the pins fit perfectly into the grid holes. The felt at the back of the board add a luxurious feel to the product and protects your workspace from any scratches. This combination makes it the perfect gift for any crocheters or knitters. Of all of the blocking boards for knitting & crochet projects out there ours is sure to please pros and hobbyists alike.

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