De Witte Engel

De Witte Engel Fabric, Doll Premium Jersey Skin Fabric, Waldorf Doll Skin Fabric, Doll Making Skin and Face Fabric


Doll Jersey is the base material for making waldorf/Steiner dolls or basically any doll that wants to have a warm and lively skintone. The stretch makes it perfect to wrap around a woolball or a base head made from wool and underjersey. World Wide Recognized De Witte Engel in-house Doll Jersey has gained worldwide recognition for its thick high quality, wide colour range as well as for its extra soft and smooth feel. Doll jersey as a material has specific requirements which make the manufacturing process more complex than normal jersey. Therefore, doll jersey has become a specialty product for only a few companies in the world.

Safe and EU regulations compliant : De Witte Engel Doll Jersey is made in Europe from Oekotex certified, 100 % cotton yarns and is dyed according to European legislation code EN71 guidelines. These certificates proof that De Witte Engel Doll Jersey is natural, sustainable, and free from toxic and harmful substances and colourants, and especially safe to use in children's toys.

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